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Data Analyst
Looking for the top data analyst jobs? See all the current listings, sortable by location and salary range. Data Analytics is one of the most promising careers in the market today.
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Data Engineer
Data engineering can be a rewarding and challenging career. Top performers can earn highly competitive salaries and thrive in this exciting industry. Click here to find data engineering jobs.
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Data Scientist
With us, you needn't waste time searching for data science jobs online. We curate a database of the latest and best vacancies and offer resources to help in your job search.
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Business Analyst
Business analysts are in high demand, and with good reason. They provide value by improving processes, identifying inefficiencies, and finding new growth opportunities. Apply here.
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Data Architect
Data architects help companies make data-driven decisions to improve processes. They understand data warehousing, ETL (extract, transform, load) processes, and data modelling.
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If you're looking for a career in data, you'll be happy to know that there are many other jobs available for you. Find more information on data jobs you can apply for here.
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Logan Robertson
5 Stars 01
I was having a hard time finding a job in my niche, so it was a blessing to find a site like this with so many vacancies lined up, specifically for people working in data.
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Terry Obrien
star reviews2
I highly recommend this website as it is very useful for finding data analyst jobs. User-friendly and offers relevant information on each job listing.
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Liam Williamson
star reviews3
The process of applying for a job on data jobs was really smooth. They have real companies advertising real vacancies with great wages, which is absolutely amazing.
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Data Jobs is the trusted platform for the UK’s data community.

We are the UK’s leading data jobs platform. We connect data and analytics professionals/candidates with the UK's most exciting employers. Our mission is to help data professionals find their dream job and be more productive in their careers.

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With Data Jobs, you can search for the best data jobs in the industry. We provide an innovative platform with a high-quality, easy-to-use interface. Our featured jobs come from trusted employers and offer exciting full and part-time opportunities, in analytics, management and more.
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Used by hundreds of jobseekers daily, we host the widest variety of the best big data job vacancies.

We have the UK’s best big data jobs. Unlock your big data career with Data Jobs today!

Data Jobs can help you take your career to the next level and get hired for one of the UK’s most sought-after data jobs. We provide a list of the latest data vacancies from top employers in the UK, so you can find your ideal role.

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Whether you're a data analyst looking for your first job or a data architect looking for a new opportunity, Data Jobs has something for you. Our team of experienced recruiters can help you find the perfect role for your skills and experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are frequently asked questions about data jobs to help you better understand what they are and what they entail.

What are data Jobs?

There are many jobs in the IT industry that involve dealing with data on a daily basis. The industry is constantly expanding, necessitating the recruitment of experienced employees to fill newly developed positions, from Data Analysts to Data Architects and more. The Data Integrity, Data Governance, and Data Analytics fields have emerged as critical for many firms, resulting in a surge in data roles waiting to be filled by talented individuals like you.

What are the different types of data jobs?

Data jobs are increasing in popularity, and there are many different types of roles in the field. These include Data Analysts, Data Engineers, Database Administrators, Machine Learning Engineers, Data Scientists, Data Architects, Statisticians, and Business Analysts, and each type has its own specialities and responsibilities. Data Scientist is one of the most popular roles, and is also one of the most difficult positions to fill. The majority of people who work in data want to do so because it's an exciting and rapidly changing field where problem solving and creative thinking are highly valued.

What skills are required for data Jobs?

Degrees are not normally necessary for data careers, although they may improve your chances of employment if you have one. There are numerous courses available to help you develop essential skills that will make you more appealing to potential employers. A Data Analyst, for example, may use SQL (Structured Query Language, a computer language intended for data management) to obtain large amounts of data from a company's database.

There are several types of data jobs available, and the required skills vary. Data Governance entails managing the stakeholders of the company in order to achieve GDPR and data compliance. Some data scientist professions demand substantial analytics knowledge, whereas data engineer positions may require software development or programming language knowledge.

It is advantageous to demonstrate ability in critical thinking, decision making, and data interpretation in addition to technical skills.

Do data analyst jobs require coding?

Data analysts are not required to have considerable coding skills. Instead, they should be familiar with analytics tools, data visualisation software, and data management programmes. Data analysts must have strong mathematical skills, like most data-related vocations.

Is data a good career?

Data analysts with expertise are among the most in-demand specialists in the world. Because of the high demand for data analysts and the limited number of qualified candidates, even entry-level data analysts command high wages and excellent benefits.

How much do data jobs pay?

Salary ranges vary substantially depending on the role, your skills and your experience. Factors such as geographical location and the size of the company offering the role also play a part. However, you will generally find that data jobs are financially rewarding.

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We are the premier data jobs site in the UK, offering a high-performance platform with a range of job posting services and job search tools.
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We are the premier data jobs site in the UK, offering a high-performance platform with a range of job posting services and job search tools.
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